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London Lights

‘London Lights’ is a photograph which I shot at Piccadilly Circus (looking onto Lower Regent Street) .

Having won a highly commended national award from ADP Architects competition named ‘Bricks & Mortals’ it was sold in a silent auction appearing an a travelling exhibition across the country raising money for charity Article 25 with the proceeds being used to help build a school in Goa, India.

Timelapse Video

Model: Rebecca Pearson

Thanks to:
Matt Johnson
Joel Widdowson
Luke Richards
Jessica Forrest
Music ‘Last Songs’ by ‘Dntel’
Additional thanks to:
Andrew Brooks
Mark Forrer
Photography and Editing by Andreas Andrews © Copyright 2009

This timelapse video production made up of over 7,000 individual photographs was taken over a 17 hour period and processed using Lightroom and After Effects. The location is the Northern Quarter of Manchester, England.

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