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Copyright Information, Licensing & Permissions

Guidelines for crediting work by Andreas when publishing/sharing.

I no longer watermark my images as I feel it detracts from them. I do however ask that you take measures to make sure a click-able link  is included clearly adjacent to any images displayed. If the image is being printed then the printed credit should be displayed slightly differently to a web credit. You should always get in touch first before printing (and if in doubt) as print can not be easily reversed and improper usage of material may leave you liable for damages.

Examples of how I wish to be credited.
photo by Andreas Andrews  (for web)



photo by (for print)


If it isn’t possible to add a click-able link to the text above (at the top for web) then please use  ‘photo by’ on the web but only as a last resort (e.g. if links aren’t possible). At the very minimum I require a credit nearby any images are published, or if for some reason it is not possible to include a credit adjacent to a published image there are circumstances where this is acceptable once you obtain permission to do so  with me first. If it states on the licensing agreement that I waive the right to be credited then you do not need to obtain further permission. Written permission must be obtained in all cases if an image is to be published, uploaded, displayed or retransmitted anywhere without a clear credit as stated above.
For copyright information regarding any content from or for licensing information please contact Andreas Andrews.
Creative Commons licensed work generally allows for non-commercial usage of the works without prior permission as long as you credit as stated above on this page. You can find out more about this licensing and how I encourage the sharing of my photographs on the Creative Commons page.
You can currently find, download and share hi-res versions of many images and read the ‘human-readable’ version of the license applied to the works on Flickr by following the link:
Here’s a preview of how the license may appear to indicate Creative Commons licensed material:
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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